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MMA, and martial arts in general, are great things to be involved in. They help you learn how to fight, they get you into top shape, and they make you part of a community. That being said, you need the proper gear to train and fight in MMA. One of the most important of these are the MMA shorts. You need lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and durable MMA shorts, which is what we are here to help you with today. Let’s get right to it and talk about some of the best MMA shorts out there right now.

RDX MMA Shorts

If you need a great pair of shorts for any kind of competitive fighting or fight training, theRDX MMA Shorts are a great option to consider. They are made out of a very innovative fabric that helps make them very flexible. This means that grappling, ground fighting, and leg strikes are not restricted by these shorts. These shorts also feature a strong-grip elastic waistband in order to keep them where they are supposed to be at all times.

Moreover, the special T3 stitching on these shorts helps to make them extremely durable and long lasting, something that is necessary for this kind of sport. Also, the material used is specially designed to prevent the buildup of microbes and help to prevent bad odors from occurring. All in all, these RDX MMA Shorts are designed to be flexible, tough, odor free, and stay in place at all times. RDX is a leading martial arts accessories and equipment brand, and they have not failed to deliver a quality item with these shorts.

Epic MMA Gear Blank WOD Shorts

These MMA shorts are the perfect option to go with if you need an affordable pair that still delivers a whole lot of quality. While these may not be the fanciest or most expensive MMA shorts around, they will do their job just fine. They feature a fairly tight elastic waistband to prevent them from moving around and slipping down while you are training.

Moreover, the EPIC MMA Gear WOD Shorts are made of a variety of special materials which are designed to provide you with adequate ventilation as well as moisture-wicking properties too; getting too hot and sweaty is not going to happen in these shorts. Also, even though the EPIC MMA Gear WOD Shorts are lightweight, they are still very durable at the same time. Even better is that they are also very flexible in order to help you retain your full range of mobility for a variety of MMA training and fighting purposes.

Anthem Athletics INFINITY Muay Thai Shorts

These particular MMA and Muay Thai Shorts are made to last for a long time. They are made of a high-grade, lightweight, and tear-resistant microfiber. They are not going to rip or tear, and they will last you for a long time to come. The fact that they are very thin and lightweight helps to keep you cool and comfortable. At the same time, their lightweight design helps you retain lots of mobility. These shorts also feature slits on the sides of the legs, plus they are pretty roomy too, thus helping you retain your range of motion even more. Grappling and head kicks are not a problem with these shorts.

The Anthem Athletics Shorts are also machine washable, which is definitely a big bonus. You will be cool, comfortable, and able to perform any move when wearing these shorts. Also, these particular shorts feature a stretch waistband to help make them snug and keep them right where they are supposed to be at all times. These are some very simple yet effective shorts. They are not very expensive, but they sure do deliver a whole lot of quality and functionality.

CLINCH GEAR Performance Cross-Training Shorts

There is a good reason why these shorts, and the brand name in general, are the No. 1 choice for MMA fighters, because they provide you with everything you need for great fights and training sessions. The Clinch Gear Shorts are made of the same materials used is special forces clothing, meaning that they are extremely durable and aren’t going to come apart any time soon. At the same time, the microfiber design of these shorts make them very strong, but it also makes them very lightweight and well ventilated. You won’t get too hot or too sweaty when wearing these shorts.

They are very soft and smooth shorts with a very high comfort level. Another awesome aspect of the Clinch Gear Cross Training Shorts is that they are extremely flexible in order to help you retain your full range of motion. They are made with super-stretch materials and feature mesh flexibility panels so you can kick as high as your legs will allow. These shorts also have great moisture wicking properties to prevent them from getting stinky and soaked with sweat. They also have a great elastic waistband to keep them in place at all times.

Anthem Athletics RESILIENCE Fight Shorts

If you need a great pair of training shorts for pretty much any type of martial art, the Resilience Fight Shorts are a great option to consider. One of the best parts about these shorts is that they feature aggressive side slits and mesh panels on the sides of the legs. This helps make these shorts extremely flexible to help you retain your full range of leg motion. The material used in the build of these shorts is super strong and tear resistant. They may be soft, comfortable, and flexible, but they won’t tear, rip, or fall apart either.

Moreover, these shorts have good moisture-wicking properties for your benefit. The Anthem Athletics Resilience Fight Shorts also feature a two-fold Velcro waistband with a four-way stretch crotch. In other words, these shorts will stay exactly where they are supposed to, while still helping you retain lots of mobility and flexibility, plus they have a non-chaff front. You really could not expect anything more considering the low price tag at which these shorts come.


When looking for MMA shorts just remember to look out for things like comfort, flexibility, a good waist band, and a durable build. You want your MMA shorts to last for a long time, so you may as well buy some good ones right from the get go. The above options all make for top contenders for the title of the best MMA shorts, and we would definitely recommend taking a look at them.


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  • http://mykindlebookreviews.com/ KD_Forsman

    Interesting article and well researched around the different types of shorts available for MMA and other martial arts. Are there any protocols around the length of shorts permissable? Are longer shorts more restrictive, or does that really come down to the type and cut of the fabric? Interested in your comments. Cheers, Karen

    • kungfuninja

      Regulations on shorts length are pretty loose. The only rules are that they must be shorts (no gi or long pants) and can’t be Speedo-style like they wear in pro wrasslin’. Personally, I don’t like long shorts because I like them a little tighter so they don’t get caught on stuff (like flying hands and feet when you’re throwing each other around). But everyone’s different. I just like to be able to move and not have to worry about what I’m wearing. That said, my favorite fighting attire is still my gi!