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20 exercises checklist

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As martial arts enthusiasts, we love to get better at our disciplines, but we also love learn everything there is out there about different styles, famous fighters, movies, and techniques. We all enjoy talking to our friends and training partners about this stuff, and it brings us joy to be immersed in the culture of it all, don’t we?

1. Riveting Content to Keep You Engaged and Constantly Learning

Not only will you receive my 20 exercises checklist, but you will also receive new content weekly regarding martial arts tips, techniques, styles, equipment, and even your favorite martial arts stars!

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At Martial Arts Weapons and Training, we love all types of weapons from sticks to bladed tools to ropes and everything in between, and we love to learn and teach ways to use them.

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Obviously, we need weapons, equipment, liniments and first aid, and so on. Be the first to get great deals and coupons to save you time and money on the things you need for your training!

Who Am I Anyway?

Hi—I’m Steve D’Agostino. I live in North Carolina, USA. I’m a trained qualified teacher and martial arts practitioner of 24 years.

I first started studying Aikido in 1993.  From there, I learned Sil Lum Kung Fu before moving on to Choy Li Fut and Yang style Tai Chi – the old Gung Ping system as taught by Sifu Kuo Lien Ying. I recently began studying Ninjutsu as practiced by the famous Natori clan with my kids by my side.

If you want to take your martial arts study to the next level and add fresh techniques to your repertoire…

If expressing your unique creativity and fighting ideas is important to you…

Even if you simply love this stuff and want to be entertained in a field that fascinates you JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT….

You want to get on board with a community of like-minded individuals right away…

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