Deadliest Martial Arts - Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a military combat style introduced by the Israeli Self-Defense Force. A fighting style that is know as the deadliest martial arts in the world. Krav Maga training includes a combination of combat and self-defense principles and techniques. A Krav Maga practitioner who is well-informed and well-trained can be described as a walking human weapon.

How to Teach Yourself Krav Maga. … Like all martial arts, there is no substitute for learning Krav Maga live from a qualified instructor, but you can begin learning the martial art on your own if you live in an area without a Krav Maga school, or if you don’t have the time or money for personalized instruction.

Krav Maga, like ballet or any martial art, is physically and mentally very demanding. You will sweat a lot and many times push yourself to your limits.

“Be Prepared for Hard Work and Consistency” – Krav Maga Instructor Mike Marceto

Krav Maga Origin, Wiki and Define

Krav Maga means “contact combat” in Hebrew language, is a military self-defence and combat system specifically developed for the Israeli Defense Forces or called IDF comes from a combination of techniques sourced from the modern day deadliest martial arts such as boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, and karate to blend with street fighting techniques.

The only martial art that focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency is Krav Maga. Many times said to be the deadliest martial arts in the world. This martial art style was derived from the street-fighting experience of Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld, who made use of his training as a boxer and wrestler, while defending the Jewish quarter against fascist groups in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, during the mid-to-late 1930s. In the late 1940s, following his migration to Palestine, he began to provide lessons on combat training to what was to become the Isreali Defense Force – IDF.

The original concept of Krav Maga was to take the most simple and practical techniques of other fighting styles (originally European boxing, wrestling, and street fighting) and to make them rapidly teachable to the Isreali military.

Most of the security forces use of Krav Maga is classified, and Israeli military veterans who want to teach Krav Maga in the civilian market are under the direct supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Is Krav Maga Effective In Real Life?

Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasizing aggression, and simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers. Krav Maga has been used by the Israel Defense Forces’ special forces units, security forces and by regular infantry units.

Due to its effectiveness in military combat and worldwide known to be the deadliest martial arts, many Krav Maga Practitioners have developed other versions of Krav Maga for public teaching and it is becoming more popular in Europe & the United States.

Many other Krav Maga Organizations have developed their own styles and been adopted by Israeli law enforcement and other private or governmental intelligence organizations. There are currently two types of Krav Maga martial art training style; one type is used in the Israeli security forces and one type is in civilian use.

In real life application, Krav Maga is seen as the most lethal, the deadliest and even most effective in all types close combat situation. Some even wanted to learn Krav Maga for street fighting and self defense, which is very suitable for self protection against deadly weapons.

Deadliest Martial Arts Styles

So why is Krav Maga is said to be the Deadliest Martial Arts Styles?

The underlying reason is that Krav Maga is the combination of various martial arts techniques, taken from the best martial arts and combine into the ultimate deadliest martial arts.

The key focuses of techniques in Krav Maga are—as described above—effectiveness and instinctive response under stress. To that end, Krav Maga is an eclectic system that has not sought to replace existing effective techniques, taking what is useful from available systems, for example:

Strikes – Adopt from karate, and boxing,

Take-downs and throws – Adopt from judo, aikido and wrestling

Ground work – Adopt from judo and wrestling

Escapes from chokes and holds – Adopt from judo, aikido, wrestling

Empty-hand weapon defenses – Adopt from aikido

what is the most dangerous martial art?

Krav Maga is the most dangerous martial art.

The principal teaching of this martial art is that Krav Maga encourages students to avoid physical confrontation. If this is impossible or unsafe, it promotes finishing a fight as quickly and aggressively as possible. Attacks are aimed at the most vital parts of the body and, and training is not limited to techniques that avoid severe injury; some even permanently injure or cause death to the opponent. To strike brutally and mercilessly to save yourself at all cost is the Krav Maga way.

Krav Maga students will learn to defend against all variety of attacks and are taught to counter in the quickest and most efficient way in Krav Maga lessons.

Krav Maga Academy - What to Expect?

What will be taught in Krav Maga includes:

  1. Simultaneous attack and defence
  2. Developing physical aggression (not to be confused with emotional aggression or anger), with the view that physical aggression is the most important component in a fight
  3. Continuing to strike the opponent until they are completely incapacitated.
  4. Attacking preemptively or counterattacking as soon as possible
  5. Using any objects at hand that could be used to hit an opponent.
  6. Targeting attacks to the body’s most vulnerable points, such as: the eyes, neck or throat, face, solar plexus, groin, ribs, knee, foot, fingers, liver, etc.
  7. Using simple and easily repeatable strikes.
  8. Maintaining awareness of surroundings while dealing with the threat in order to look for escape routes, further attackers, or objects that could be used to strike an opponent.
  9. Recognizing the importance of and expanding on instinctive response under stress

Training can also cover the study and development of situational awareness to develop an understanding of one’s surroundings, learning to understand the psychology of a street confrontation, and identifying potential threats before an attack occurs. It may also cover ways to deal with physical and verbal methods to avoid violence whenever possible. It also teaches mental toughness, using controlled scenarios to strengthen mental fortitude in order for students to control the impulse and not do something rash, but instead attack only when necessary and as a last resort.

Krav Maga vs MMA

Mixed martial arts is a modern and popular combat sport. It takes inspiration from a number of martial arts and self-defense systems, putting them under an umbrella of rules to encourage fair and competitive spectator fights. One of the self-defense systems it borrows from is Krav Maga.

There is a fair amount of technique originating from Krav Maga to be found in MMA. But what you won’t find are the eye gouges, groin kicks, or other strikes too brutal for competition setting, but necessary in a survival situation.

Today we’re comparing Krav Maga Vs. MMA. We’ll take at the history of each system and weigh the pros and cons of dedicating yourself to the practice of each. If you’re here to compare fighting with Krav Maga and MMA, you found the right place.

How Are Krav Maga And MMA Similar?
Both MMA and Krav Maga pull techniques from, and practice against other combat disciplines. This allows you to prepare a variety of attacks. Both emphasize a well-rounded skill set that stretches beyond striking or grappling to encompass many combat situations. When comparing strikes and throws in Krav Maga vs MMA at a basic level, the two may seem very similar.

While both disciplines can give you useful self-defense skills, MMA and Krav Maga are not designed equally for self-defense. Real fights happen in alleys and outside bars, not in cages. In a real survival situation, you can bet that your attacker has not trained to fight just like you. MMA has its place as a sport, but can quickly fall short of the tactics that may be required for real-world survival.

Krav maga vs bjj

When considering Krav Maga vs. BJJ for your own training you have to further examine what it is that you want to train for. What is your why? When considering that, there are contrasts between the styles that have to be taken into account.

The biggest contrast in considering Krav Maga vs. BJJ is that Krav Maga is a self-defense system and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art. Krav Maga, as a system, is designed to be learned very quickly, by anyone.

When Israel was first becoming a nation after WWII and training people to serve in the IDF, they had to take people from all walks of life who were immigrating to Israel and teach them to fight…fast. Krav Maga is designed for people to become proficient in hand-to-hand combat in a very short period of time. The system is based on principles that don’t deviate so techniques should look the same almost every time they are practiced or applied. Someone who is training in Krav Maga can learn an effective technique after their first class and develop an effective skill-set and mentality in just a few months.

The second major contrast when looking at Krav Maga vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that Krav Maga has a focus on striking techniques while BJJ has a focus on grappling. In both Krav Maga and BJJ there is some crossover in terms of striking and grappling. In fact if you train in Krav Maga you will learn techniques that are derived from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Martial Arts Training

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