Martial Arts Weapons and Training

Thank you so much for visiting Martial Arts Weapons and Training!  Here you will find all kinds of information, ideas, recommended weapons for purchase, videos, and discussions on martial arts ranging from kung fu to ninjutsu and others, as well.

My name is Steve, and I’ve been studying various martial arts since the 90s, although my primary focus has been Chinese arts until recently.

My goal is to bring people together to help you become a better martial artist, whether you are a kickboxer, MMA fighter, or tae kwon do expert.  I will provide resources and gear that I have found to be of the highest quality so you don’t have to waste time and money of stuff that breaks or wears out quickly.

Join us and have a look around.  I am constantly updating, so be sure to follow and see what new stuff we’re talking about.

Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you have a great time and learn tons!