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For those of you who are not stylized martial artists in the vein of kung fu or bujutsu, that’s alright, we’re with you all the way! I enjoy practicing mixed martial arts for the different flavors and techniques they bring to the table.  That said, MMA is more sport, so there’s all kinds of training gear that’s more specific to it. These are some of the workout items I’ve found to be of great value in working out with my MMA buddies.

Anthem Athletics Predator MMA Gloves – Training, Kickboxing, Striking, Muay Thai, UFC, Boxing, BJJ, 100% Highest Grade Leather

mixed martial arts mma training gearThis will be my second pair of these gloves. I would like to note, though, that I had my other pair for over 15 months and they eventually just wore down. I have been into MMA for about 3 years, so I like to believe I have a little bit of experience with products like this. I did a little research just to see if I should try another product, but everything pointed back to this brand and this particular type of glove. The padding is perfect, but I have the same issues as others with the gloves moving around slightly. The leather is as advertised; it’s thick and extremely durable. Over the past few months my wrists have been getting a little weaker, possibly from overtraining. Thankfully, the straps on these gloves can be tight so it gives me that necessary support I need to make it through either a workout or an actual sparring routine. The only issue I’ve seen is that I have a workout buddy whose fingers are bigger than most people’s, and he did have to squeeze his hands in the first few times he wore his. Other than that, it’s a great product that I not only recommend, but have purchased twice.

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RDX Boxing Target Focus Mitts Hook & Jab Punching Pads MMA Thai Training Strike Kick Shield

I haven’t purchased many mixed martial arts or boxing products in the past. This is maybe my third or fourth item. The feel is pretty good. I notice that when I put them on they fit nicely around my palms and squeeze my fingers in just the right places. If you have any training experience, you know just how useful these are. The shock-absorbing material is much needed; some of the blows I get are significant, so it’s nice to decrease the amount of force my hands receive. The weight is spot-on. My gym used a different brand and they were too light, and my hands took the majority of the beating.

The purpose of the pads are to help develop your training partner. For me, I know I used to lighten up because the pads my partner and I were using were not very good. These are easy to move around and quickly get into different striking positions for your training partner. Don’t be fooled by the price; the quality is there. The manufacturing could be improved, but based on the price I don’t have any complaints. If you are deciding between these and another brand, heed my advice. Go with these. You and your training partner won’t regret it!

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

Playing basketball a couple of years ago I got elbowed directly in my right front tooth. The pain was unbearable and I thought for sure I had lost my tooth. Ever since then, I told myself I was going to wear a mouth guard every time I played basketball. Now, this is easier said than done. Most mouth guards are so uncomfortable and bulky that they actually end up hurting my mouth more than helping. I have had about 5 different mouth guards in two years. This is unacceptable to me. However, I am thankful I found this one!

The fitting process is extremely straightforward and easy. That bulky, heavy feel with my previous mouth guards is not present with this one. I feel comfortable and I can even speak with it in my mouth. The rubber is thick but not overwhelming. I know the mouth guard will do its job and protect my teeth from being crushed. Obviously, safety is my main concern; I can sacrifice some comfort to know that my tongue and teeth are protected. This is a 5-star product at a 1 star price.

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Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards

Okay, so I have been training in MMA for a few years now, so my knowledge and experience is growing but still relatively new. I bought my first pair of Venum shin guards when I first started training, and have had my second pair for about 3 weeks now. The reason I loved my first pair led me back to buy another: absolutely great product and customer service.

The shinguards are very lightweight, slightly heavier than soccer shin guards if familiarity with that will resonate with some people. They are adjustable so you can find that perfect fit for your unique size and weight. They also come with pretty cool designs and colors. The synthetic leather is a premium quality; I believe that is why my first pair lasted so long. Unless you’ve gone through iron body training, the protective foam is a lifesaver for those who are still inexperienced and need the additional protection. Now, don’t get me wrong, when you kick you will feel it. I still find this to be good, though, so that my bones and muscles can continue to build and acclimate themselves to such punishment. A great product from a great company. I will certainly recommend this product to others and continue to buy from Venum!

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Everlast Punching Bag

Getting in shape and going to the gym is often intimidating. It’s always nice to be able to set up some equipment in the garage or in an additional room in your home so that you can feel comfortable enough to actually workout. I decided to pick up boxing a few times a week. I am getting pretty into it so I decided to take things a step further and get this heavy bag for my garage.

First, wow, this thing is heavy; it’s hard to move! However, with the help of a ladder and few family members, it was relatively easy to hang from the ceiling. Additionally, the bag’s material makes it durable for all weather, so putting it up outside is even pretty cool. I’ve noticed that since I have the bag up in my garage, I feel like getting in a few more workouts a week than usual. The price is right, the quality is perfect and I know that this thing is going to last for the long term. The most difficult part about it was hanging it, but with a little help that was fairly easy. Highly recommend!

This is the classic go-to punching bag, and if you don’t have one, you need to at least check it out here.


Now for some crazy moments in MMA…  Enjoy!

MMA Training Gear

MMA Training Gear







Allows for freedom of movement


Hard, no holding back practice



  • Durability
  • Protection in training
  • Allows you to practice without holding back
  • For beginners to experts


  • Can be cumbersome
  • Not realistic for street situations


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  • https://beginningtorun.com/ James Crabtree

    I use to do mixed martial arts and I can recommend all the equipment above I have used them before and they are of good quality at a reasonable price. Great Article

    • http://martialartsweaponstraining.com/ Steve

      Awesome, thanks for the feedback! Personally, I’m more into traditional martial arts, but MMA is great for fitness. The best way to practice is with a partner, and this stuff all helps to keep from injury. Thanks again for the comment, James.

  • http://crohns-health.com Sean L

    Great stuff, Steve!! I really enjoyed your reviews, especially because you’re actually using the gear and have some experience in the field, i like that a lot. Been thinking about getting back into MMA training myself. The only space I have is outdoor space though, and I like the fact that the heavy bag will hold up nicely outside. I really like Muay Thai striking though, so is there a longer bag you’d recommend for all the knees and leg kicks I’ll be delivering?

    • Steve

      Here’s a great one: http://amzn.to/2twqzE1
      Combat makes really good stuff. For outside, this one is not bad, but you might want to keep it covered when you’re not using it. It’s 6 feet long, so it’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t work well for you.